Malaysian Foundation for the Blind is the master dealer for Pacific Vision International, one of the biggest companies in providing low vision equipment and blindness products. PVI travels around the world's big shows to source the best products for you from companies like Freedom Scientific, HIMS, AI Squared, Schweizer, ViewPlus, and LVI.

We are also proud to be a re-seller for Index Braille, the world market leader for Braille embosser production. By raising it's technical level and lowering the prices, Index Braille has made braille more accessible for blind people world wide. Since Index was founded in the early 1980's, the company has managed to acquire increased market shares for every year with a focus on the end user.

Recently MFB has been granted with the country and regional dealership for all Vinvision Technology products. Vinvision Technology was founded in 2008, since its foundation, it was committed to develop and provide leading-edge assistive technology devices for the blind and visually impaired so as to help them regain their active daily activities and life independence. It's products include Hand-held video magnifier, illuminated hand-held magnifier, talking blood pressure monitor, talking thermometer, text player and so on catering for users’ needs and fulfilling their aspiration.

Feel free to contact us shall you need any of the products shown in our website.

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