Object Locater


Object Locater

Supplier: Vinvision

With the HV-L series object locator you will never waste time looking for your keys, wallet, remote or other important items at home, just simply press one of color-coded pager buttons on the compact wireless transmitter and the matching key will answer with a loud, clear alarm from anywhere in your home. With transmitter at hand, you will never forget where your misplaced items are within up to 131 feet away through floors, walls, even sofa cushions.

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Product Description

HV-L101―HV-L105 series

Product Details:

» Transmission frequency 433.92MHZ
» Quick and easy to find your missing items
» Color-coded pager customizes your remote object locator transmitter
» Loud and clear alarm makes finding misplaced items easy
» Wireless transmitter works from 33 feet away to 131 feet away depending on different    model