Illuminated Hand-held magnifier (LM11-LM16 series)


Illuminated Hand-held magnifier (LM11-LM16 series)

Supplier: Vinvision

This series of magnifier is our newly-launched product. All of them are equipped with aspheric lenses to guarantee the best viewing results. All lenses are processed with hard coating so as to avoid scratching. The green sliding button is easily identified by low vision people or people with weak vision, if user want to turn on LED just slide the green button upward and push it to the original position to switch off LED. When user wants to change run-out 2AA batteries, all they need to do is to slide the green button downward and put batteries in the cabinet. The ergonomic body design makes it comfortable and easy to be held and operated.

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Product Description

Product Details:

Model Magnification Lens Size(mm) Dpt. Lens Type
LM11 50 24 Aspheric
LM12 35 27 Aspheric
LM14 10× 35 36 Aspheric
LM15 12× 30 44 Aspheric
LM16 14× 30 52 Aspheric