Illuminated Hand-held magnifier (LM21-LM23 series)


Illuminated Hand-held magnifier (LM21-LM23 series)

Supplier: Vinvision

This series of magnifier has compact design and lightweight. The lenses for all of them are zone plates, SMD-LED consume a very little power, 2 CR2025 flat button batteries which are protected in the glass fiber reinforced case could be used up to 5 to 8 months intermittently. In order to conserve power, we apply for unique application design, if user pulls the lens into position one (Marked on the product), the LED will not lighted and user could use it under daily light condition. If user pulls the lends into position two (Marked on the product), the LED will be turned on and user could use it in dimly lit conditions.

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Product Description

Product Details:

Model Magnification Lens Size(mm) Dpt. Lens Type Dimension (mm) Case color
LM21 3 45×50 8 Aspheric 86×54×7(Folded)
140x54x7 (Unfolded)
LM22 5 45×50 16 Aspheric Silver
LM23 7 45×50 24 Aspheric Silver