Illuminated Hand-held Magnifier (LM01 – LM04 series)

illuminated Hand-held magnifier
illuminated Hand-held magnifier

Illuminated Hand-held Magnifier (LM01 – LM04 series)

Supplier: Vinvision

This series of magnifiers use aspheric lenses which have high magnification level and large aperture. The lens is coated with antireflection material. It is beautiful and delicate in shape and widely favored by users. Considering big power consumption and short longevity of traditional bulb light (2.5V, 0.3A), Our LM01-04 series are adopting LED light source which not only has high brightness level but also consumes less power to replace traditional bulb light. In addition, the whiter spectrum of LED lighting source makes the magnifiers easier and comfortable to be used. We use 2AA batteries to drive the LED.

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Product Description

Product Details:

Model Magnification Lens Size(mm) Dpt. Lens Type
LM01 35 28 Aspheric
LM02 10× 35 36 Aspheric
LM03 12× 30 44 Aspheric
LM04 14× 30 52 Aspheric