Acoustic Hood Basic V4


Acoustic Hood Basic V4

Table based hood for home and office use

The Acoustic Hood Basic V4 provides a cost effective solution for housing the natural noise made when embossing Braille with a Braille embosser. This desktop Acoustic Hood is suitable for standard braille production in any office or classroom like environment offering pleasant noise levels. Providing an experience of over a 90% noise reduction and combined with a modern and attractive design, Acoustic Hood Basic V4 is the preferred choice for your Index embosser.

Product Description

The Basic Hood collects and stores 100 pages of Braille paper.

  • Noise level only 63 (dB)
  • Unique paper cutter included
  • Delivered ready to be used
  • Ventilation using the embosser fan
  • Supports Basic-D V4 firmware 1.5.2
Dominating materials: Painted MDF Board (MDF=Medium Density Fiberboard), hardened glass and aluminum profiles.