Everest-D V4 Braille Embosser


Everest-D V4 Braille Embosser

Single sheet fed Braille embosser

Everest-D V4 is the most compelling single sheet fed braille embosser printing single and double sided braille on a flexible range of user defined paper formats; a superb choice for both personal desktop use or braille book production.

Product Description

Everest-D V4 is the best selling single sheet fed braille embosser worldwide. Braille on cut-sheet paper is so easy. Cut-sheet paper is available at your local office supply store for much less the price than the expensive fan-folded braille paper.

  • 100 characters per second
  • 50 page sheet feeder with NEW sheet fed technology
  • Braille & text labeled interface panel
  • Multi language speech feedback
  • Automatic magazine formatting
  • Single & double sided braille – the industry standard
  • High Resolution tactile graphics
  • Supports Index-direct-Braille, idB

*Everest-D V4 – The convenience of the automatic magazine formatting of the previous Index 4X4 PRO V3 and with the same standard features and great low price of the Index Everest braille embosser!!