Candy 5 HD

Candy 5 HD
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Candy 5 HD

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Product Description

Supplier: Hims

Pocket Magnifier

HD-Quality, Close-up and Near Distance Magnification with Image Saving Feature

LifeStyle CANDY 5 HD is a handheld video magnifier with a 5” LCD display and comfortable handle. Hold it by its handle to easily read medicine bottles, price tags, and items in the grocery and department store.


CANDY’s large 5” LCD display provides 4x greater field of view than a similar optical magnifier. Enjoy the vibrant HD vision without
any image distortion.
Magnification always in focus, choose a comfortable reading size from 1.0-22.5x
Continuous zoom magnification easily increases or decreases the size of the text, photo or object being viewed.
The centre-positioned camera makes it
easy to know where you are reading.
Large and conveniently located buttons are
easy to find and press.
Carry CANDY with you anywhere, read
anything, anytime.
See and capture a street map or shop sign
on your way and find your surroundings on the spot.
The unique and ergonomic handle design offers 2-positions for the most comfortable handheld use. Suitable for right and left- handed users.
HD Mirror View for your make-up
Display 5” wide LCD
Magnification rate
1.0x (2.8x when used with legs) ~ 22.5x
Semi distance view Supported
Mirror camera Supported
Focus Continuous Auto Focus / Single focus
Still image Supported
Brightness control 3 levels

5 modes (natural colour / white on black / black on white / reverse gray / yellow on black)
LED light control On / Off / Automatic

Battery duration 4.5 hours
Recharging time 3 hours

Size 145 x 85 x 15.5mm (excluding handle)
Weight 280g