Talking thermometer

Talking thermometer – HV TT01
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Talking thermometer

Supplier: Vinvision

This series of talking thermometer includes one high resolution model and two infrared detection models. For high resolution model, its reading resolution is up to two decimal digits (1/100), so it totally could be treated as clinical use thermometer and it will retain in memory the last recorded temperature. For infrared detection models, we use advanced infrared technology to ensure fast and accurate body temperature readings, even so model HV-TT01 could measure room temperature and its memory recalls last 32 temperature readings. Reading of all three types is announced by a very clear female voice. They are perfect for the blind and those with low vision.

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Product Description

Main Features:


» Compact and easy to use
» Ergonomic body design
» HEIMMANN detection technology to make sure quick and reliable reading results
» Recall last 32 temperature readings
» Alarm beep if temperature is abnormal high
» LCD back-lit display
» Celsius and Fahrenheit scale option
» Power save mode
» Clear and vivid female voice


» Compact and easy to operate
» Ergonomic body design
» Pending fever symptom alarm
» Quick and accurate temperature reading
» Date and time display
» Recall last 30 temperature readings
» Clear and vivid female voice


» Compact and ergonomic design
» Last record of temperature reading
» High resolution temperature display
» Pending fever symptom alarm
» Large size LCD display panel for easy read
» Clear and vivid female voice