HV-MVC 3.5″ handheld video magnifier

HV-MVC 3.5 handheld video magnifier white
HV-MVC 3.5 handheld video magnifier blackHV-MVC 3.5 handheld video magnifier blueHV-MVC 3.5 handheld video magnifier whiteHV-MVC 3.5 handheld video magnifier yellowHV-MVC 3.5 handheld video magnifier with screen

HV-MVC 3.5″ handheld video magnifier

Supplier: Vinvision

As the world’s most compact, most feature-embedded ultra handheld video magnifier, HV-MVC provides the right application experience for on-the-go solution to visually impaired person. For many people who needs help to read text and to browse further details becasue of low vision,  traditional magnifying glass probably can not fully meet users’ needs. Our 3.5 handheld video magnifier, HV-MVC takes the magnification effects to a new level and probably beyond low vision people’s basic requirements for a new magnification device.

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Product Description

Main Features:

» Magnification from 5x to 10x

» Multiple color display: full color, black on white, white on black, enhanced black on white, enhanced white on black, yellow on blue and blue on yellow

» Video output function

» Image Freeze function

» Integrated Li-on battery with 4 hours continuous use

» 3.5″ screen diaply, 4:3 aspect ratio

» Dimensions: 106x79x25mm

» Weight: 185g, case included