Rethinking Education & Employability for the Disabled

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Project Description

Malaysian Foundation for the Blind (MFB) is proud to have been invited by the School of Business (SOBIZ) at INTI International College Subang (IICS) as one of the speakers during the SOBIZ ‘Rethinking Education and Employability for the Disabled’ forum. The forum took place on 14th November 2015 between 9.30am and 12pm, with MFB represented by Dr. Richard Clint Penny.
This CSR event was conceptualized for the goal of improving public awareness of disabled children with visual and hearing impairments. Additional aims include enhancing understanding on the importance of helping the underprivileged, and encouraging voluntary work among IICS staff and students.

One of the main topics in the forum centred on how to break the barrier between abled and disabled people. Dr. Penny stated on this matter that reducing stigma is a key aspect, since a lack of familiarity meant people currently focused on observing differences. He contends that once the public have more awareness about the disabled community, the familiarity will widen their perceptions. This development can overcome stigma and allow for more progressive interactions, Dr. Penny concluded.